Walk 11 Woodthorpe Park

Today is a special walk, it’s a from ‘home’ walk, it’s lockdown and it’s Easter.

We have always appreciated a park at the top of the road; taking babies in pushchairs; toddlers to swings; sledging in snow. Just a place to stretch or sit or meet and to watch the seasons pass through those grand horse chestnuts and gardens. Enjoying blossom, kicking over leaves, being blown about or frosted.


  • Thank you Nottingham City council for keeping this open during the 2020 pandemic.
  • Thank you local people for being sensible walking around etc
  • Thank you NCC for buying it and looking after it since 1921 – and in part thanks to a donation from Sir Jesse Boot.
  • Thank you to the volunteers who help out – and long may that continue BUT
  • Most of us appreciate parks, we probably appreciate them more now. I hope government will help fund local councils better to preserve, sustain and ‘grow’ our green spaces – there is bailing out banks and there is stewardship of our natural parks in urban settings

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