Walk 14 Hannig around the Saas Village

So we return to Saas Fee and walk to the side of the village, after a short cable car ride up Hannig to 2342m and walk facing the Fee glacier. A glacier like so many suffering from climate change. at one point not so long ago, snow and ice were at the edge of the village! This is a nice 3 hour amble with lots of flowers and the odd goat. In the village lots of really interesting history, especially the Priest who first brought tourists to the place.


Walk 13 Chatsworth

Today we go to Chatsworth. Lots of walking in this estate and lots of time spent in the amazing gardens. Many of you in Nottingham and Derbyshire or S Yorkshire will know this place well. We have enjoyed their Christmas extravaganza in the house and also the summer RHS shows ( usually in serious rain and mud).  This though is a walk days starting on the edge of the estate at a BandB and walking up around the Tower and  larger ponds.

We have such familiarity I have few photos but enjoy this walk from January 2019

Walk 11 Woodthorpe Park

Today is a special walk, it’s a from ‘home’ walk, it’s lockdown and it’s Easter.

We have always appreciated a park at the top of the road; taking babies in pushchairs; toddlers to swings; sledging in snow. Just a place to stretch or sit or meet and to watch the seasons pass through those grand horse chestnuts and gardens. Enjoying blossom, kicking over leaves, being blown about or frosted.


  • Thank you Nottingham City council for keeping this open during the 2020 pandemic.
  • Thank you local people for being sensible walking around etc
  • Thank you NCC for buying it and looking after it since 1921 – and in part thanks to a donation from Sir Jesse Boot.
  • Thank you to the volunteers who help out – and long may that continue BUT
  • Most of us appreciate parks, we probably appreciate them more now. I hope government will help fund local councils better to preserve, sustain and ‘grow’ our green spaces – there is bailing out banks and there is stewardship of our natural parks in urban settings

Walk 10 Around Millelallalin nr Saas Fee

Get the gloves on! We ride up from Saas Fee at 1309m to Millelallalin at 3456m. Come out on snow and sit underneath Allalinhorn. This just explores the area around the  cable car station. There is a scary walk around the edges and across the glacier to be saved for a later trip. You’ll need to acclimatise and also get used to walking on snow. Oh and not forgetting all the summer skiers tramping down having gone up about 5 am and finished midday as the sun disrupts the surfaces.

This is a place to amble and observe and enjoy a Swiss hot chocolate. We have walked up towards the peak in glorious sunshine and after half an hour a complete white out came as a bit of a scare.

Walk 9 Clumber

Lots of Nottingham folk will have walked or cycled at Clumber. We have done both, and recall taking the girls there when they were fairly little to learn to ride their bicycles, with mixed success.

Recent times we’ve also enjoyed visiting the gardens and greenhouse….and having a cup of tea.

In the long hot summer of 2019 there were some great photos from the air showing the outline of the old house thanks to fairly scorched ground.


Walk 8 Blea Tarn to Pike O’Blisco

This walk has a climb about 500m starting and finishing at Blea Tarn.  We find this very quiet spot just between the Great Langdale valley and the Little Langdale valley. On the descent we get to the three shires stone where the historic boundary of Westmorland, Cumberland and Lancashire met. More importantly the local pub in little Langdale ( the Three shires) is definitely a Dexter favourite.

There are two similar photos at the end, and you’ll agree that’s because its’ a view to just absorb. Had it not been such a cold autumnal day we might have swum.

Walk 7 St Cuthbert’s way

Today is a long walk in fact 5-7 days staying in BandB overnights. We start in Melrose in the Scottish Borders and move into England and Northumberland. It’s 100km. I did this walk as a retreat on my own after finishing at Trinity.

Not always nice weather a few April showers to cope with. We finish in Lindisfarne and see the place Cuthbert lived 634 AD to 687. He is one of those fascinating Celtic saints – I wonder what he would have made of our situation today.

Anyway brace yourselves for the weather but whilst this is a v quiet walk w few people those you meet will be very special and both were a deep joy.