Friday Period 1 – Simple? Not really

Mr John Dexter blogs about school

Schools are not simple places

There is a cynical view amongst many teachers that there are many experts on education because “we all went to school once”. A particular and probably unfair criticism often made of Secretaries of State, after all they do get to visit schools, just maybe not enough and with a very specific view and not the view from the chalkface. I’m not sure it is true but there is an impression that some Governments and some politicians and maybe others think schools are simple places. Along the lines of:

  • Teachers prepare lessons (same year on year) deliver lessons (to a class) and mark the work produced.
  • Teachers teach to a specification or syllabus.
  • The children learn (or do not) and pass (or do not) exams.
  • The curriculum is clear
  • The best teaching methods are very well known and agreed
  • Assessment models are clear and effective ( oh hang…

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One thought on “Friday Period 1 – Simple? Not really

  1. So true – so many experts and so many willing to rubbish teachers and teaching. Whilst there may be a bit of truth in some if Tom’s opinions it’s time we stopped telling teachers how to teach. Let them work together and decide what works best in what circumstance. There is no such thing as the expert teacher (Tom included)- we are all learners!


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