Helping students learn

L PlatesThis is a little series aimed and a cheeky one, aimed at helping us teachers think how we might pass on our wisdom and advice. My daughter, when in Y9, was asked by Granny how it was going. She said she wasn’t sure as she hadn’t done any proper learning but she had heard the “Y9 is the most important year and SATs are critical” lecture in every lesson and twice in some.

This post is a tongue in cheek view of post 16 learners.


My top tips for success, though do read it very carefully.

Fed up that the rest of the class just won't listen

Fed up that the rest of the class just won’t listen

Thee is another humorous post is to help post 16 students do badly in their Chemistry exams

Please read it carefully – on of my own students last year said “I do all of that Sir”






and here is a post about the options on results days in Augustimage