The Teacher Journey

Teacher journey mind


This is a mini series I hope to write to help the teacher through their career journey bridging the gaps between stages of the key roles from unqualified through NQT and RQT up to middle and senior leader:

From base camp to the top – from cable car to walking boots to climbing ropes




Step 1Wansfell 052

Journey part 1

From Graduate to Student Teacher  or Teacher trainee: the first post is to help you as you enter a school for the first time as a student teacher, probably since you were at school yourself.



Journey part 2

From Student teacher and trainee to NQT: well done you now have your first job and will get paid, but you have a lot to learn about the job and about your new school. Here are some thoughts








Journey part 3

From NQT to RQT. So you are a proper teacher now, no longer the end of the queue the school has a few NQT and you remember that well. So what’s next for you?

Journey part 4

From good teacher to great teacher. The journey is not linear, you can jump onto this track at anytime and frankly you can jump off it too.


Jourimageney part 5

From Great Teacher to successful Middle Leader. Not everyone will desire or take this step but those who do, your school needs good Middle leaders to ensure it’s success