About John Dexter


Until Easter 2017 I was the acting headteacher at Trinity RC school in Nottingham, acting for over 2 years and prior to that a deputy there for 10 years.

A new head started at Easter after a long period trying to appoint a new Catholic headteacher.

I am a proud Chemistry teacher and school leader. At heart I still #lovechemistry. Helped pilot early days of Salters’ A Level Chemistry and proud to be an FRSC and even wrote a GCSE text for lower ability pupils.

I worked at Trinity for 28 years and a term. I have taught in two other schools: Wood Green, Oxfordshire and Alderman White, in Beeston, Nottingham

Now helping local schools as a consultant working with Nottingham City Local Authority.

Nerves before Prizegiving

Nerves before Prizegiving

Tweet @MrJDexter
Blog at http://www.MrJDexter.com

Photographs of Trinity School are thanks to the late Mr Richard Hanson, and Paige White.





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