Recruitment Crisis – The Grinch Manifesto for Teacher Recruitment

The Grinch Manifesto

Well, it has been a blast.  20 years as an educator.

i’ve upset plenty of people and challenged a some.  I have no regrets, There are teachers and children who will do things differently because of the challenges I threw at them.  I threw some rocks into the pond and I have no idea where the ripples will stop.  I do know that my life has been touched by some incredible people along the way,  I know that those who understood my passion for radical change in education and embraced the challenges I threw at them have grown into incredible people who love me and I love them.  But now, i’m done.  I have a new job and a new challenge in a world unencumbered by socialist, liberal, anti government bias.  I wrote two annual summaries of the media coverage of the teaching profession and received significant abuse for my…

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