Walk 10 Around Millelallalin nr Saas Fee

Get the gloves on! We ride up from Saas Fee at 1309m to Millelallalin at 3456m. Come out on snow and sit underneath Allalinhorn. This just explores the area around the  cable car station. There is a scary walk around the edges and across the glacier to be saved for a later trip. You’ll need to acclimatise and also get used to walking on snow. Oh and not forgetting all the summer skiers tramping down having gone up about 5 am and finished midday as the sun disrupts the surfaces.

This is a place to amble and observe and enjoy a Swiss hot chocolate. We have walked up towards the peak in glorious sunshine and after half an hour a complete white out came as a bit of a scare.

Walk 6 Hohsaas from Saas Grund in the Valais Alps

Wrap up warm today, after a short bus ride we go from the small village of Saas Grund at 1559m up to Hohsaas at 3101m and trek in the snow. Get proper boots on and a decent coat, maybe your walking poles. To appreciate the scale, look out for the little marks on the photos which are ….people, proper serious climbers. we just walked the peaks. Views are marked by posts with rocks on and a description of the mountain in view, Dom , Mischabel etc and you might be interested a Biblical quote. You’ll be Ok in a sheltered spot to sit in shorts and a t-shirt for a picnic though.

This is one of my most favourite Alpine walks and I will bring you here again to enjoy different views and colours another day. its a place that deserves a second or third trip to enjoy.


Boot’s Blog

I am John’s trusty Lowa boots, however he doesn’t trust himself when we speed along (rightly, sort of his  ‘getting frail’ age) therefore he also uses his Leki sticks…sometimes. We covered 107km in 9 days walking but don’t get excited most was down mountain or at best along mountain and occasionally uphill.IMG_2457Lots of my walking was done on ice and rock, stepping stones. IMG_1970So this is the pearl of the Alps Saas Fee – beautiful save the glacier is recedingIMG_2350I was not stepping on these Alpine flowers I am just trying to show you their size. They are everywhere and very pretty, very.IMG_2454

Version 2IMG_1758IMG_1882I do occasionally put my feet up, stop for a rest or a view, we don’t do coffee. This looks steep, it was, I am pretty sure John was a scaredy cat, he walked but rarely looked down – he should have seen it from my view!IMG_2366This is an avalanche protection barrier, there was no snow above or on the paths today but there was another steep drop to the village below, good job John trusts me.IMG_2461The paths are well marked, well signposted but always marked in “hours”. These times were measured using local olympic walkers  so I had to add at least 50% extra time.IMG_1985See now there is a lunch stop view. John takes lunch, we would happily keep trekking. He can be weedy.IMG_2428and here is a close up of the waterfall into that Lake, notice that as the star I am still in focus.IMG_2105

IMG_1804This is John riding the cable cars. He likes it, as he gets up big mountains quickly, we Lowa’s think of it as – well cheating.IMG_2009This is a small glacial pool, which I crossed at just under 4,000m, and yes I did get wet but being a Lowa I’m Ok with that, as I am very waterproof. Mind it was cold, icy cold unsurpsingly.IMG_1864…..and these are the surroundings but the scale is tricky if you can enlarge the photo you’ll see those little dots at the top are climbers….IMG_1784This day we took him into proper ‘over 10,000ft’ snow and ice, notice the trousers, first time we’ve met them. This looks like sludge as it’s the bottom of the glacial snow line. We welched in this for about 200m, that is 200m more than the last time we were here, which is thanks to global warming. That Leki pole sneaked in – he needed that as the snow was, well slippery.IMG_2227Here is the snow plus marker pole, just beyond was a few thousand metre drop, visibility was either great or down to 5m. Shortly after this we were taken for hot chocolate, but JD drank it all. Huh promises promises.IMG_2287IMG_2288IMG_2482and this is us on the glacier underneath that top, it was a bit scarey too, made worse by rock falls which prevents us walking further…secretly pleased wethinks.IMG_2054Socks, we needed to pay homage to socks. Socks, thank you.IMG_1753



Thanks you Inghams